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Support & Guarantee

The best non-yellowing guaranteed

Anatolian Shield PPF, when exposed to the brightness of light for 100 hours by using Xenon ARc that generates similar wavelength as sunlight, and as the result of performing the weathering test for 2000 hours with 6500 (W) which is the same condition as time pass of 1 year, it is purely domestic PPF that earned E1 from KTR, the International Official Certificate Authority for the first time in the world.

It is the film that contains the function of anti-chipping

Anatolian Shield PPF maintains the function of non-yellowing and anti-chipping for over 6 to 8 years without bleaching/discoloring and it is PPF ( Paint Protection Fİlm ) to protect the surface of the painting by attaching on the painted surface of cars, bicycles, motorcycles, boats, and airplanes. 

It can clean itself with self-cleaning 

Due to the addition of a pollution control and self-cleaning function, the smudge of water drops and scratching phenomenon is less even when automatic car washing and since the self-cleaning ability works, the function of maintaining a pleasant condition during raining is excellent. 


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